The Church. What it is and what does it do in the purposes of God? Attention is paid to Christian worship, baptism and the Lord's supper.

1. The Church (1): The Nature of the Church
2. The Church (2): God's Calling of the Church
3. The Church (3): The Fellowship of the Church
4. The Church (4): The Continuity of the Church
5. The Church (5): The Church & Denominations
6. Christian Worship
7. The Lord's Supper
8. Baptism
9. The Ministry
10. False Ministries

Class Details

St Mary's Cathedral - Kuala Lumpur
When: 10 Tuesdays nights 8pm-10pm
Class Dates: 19th September - 28th November, 2017 (no class 31st October)
Location: St Mary's Anglican Cathedral, Jalan Raja, KL
Exam: Tuesday 5th December, 2017
Registrations Close: Tuesday 19th September, 2017


Course Begins: 1st September, 2017
Registrations Close: 19th September, 2017 
Exam Period: 20th November - 5th December, 2017