In addition to our theological training and Biblical Counselling training, Equip also offers training in ministry skills arm. These courses are aimed at helping local churches train their leaders in Gospel-Centered Ministry. These courses are hosted by local churches, and Equip provides the teacher and resources for the course.

What training is available?

Ministry Skills courses currently available include:

  • Biblical Counselling - Equip partners with the Christian Counselling Education Foundation (CCEF) to provide quality biblical counselling courses at affordable prices. CCEF offers online certificate courses in Biblical Counselling for anyone who wants to grow in biblical wisdom and be better equipped in ministry. Courses are taught online using engaging video and audio resources presented by CCEF Faculty. Click here for more information.

  • Evangelism Training – This course teaches the what why and how of evangelism, based on a popular tool called “Two Ways to Live” and runs over 8 weeks.

  • Personal Follow Up Training – This course equips students for personal follow up using a series of studies called “Just for Starters”, which cover the basics of the Christian faith including salvation, grace, godliness, the Bible, prayer, church, and evangelism. It runs over the course of 7 sessions.

  • Bible Study Leader Training – This course equips people to write and lead a Bible study and is run over 10 sessions.

  • Preaching Training – This course provides a basic overview of the why and how of Biblical exposition and preaching. It can be run over two half days or one full day.

  • Biblical Exegesis – This course provides basic skills in biblical exegesis. It can be run over one half day.

  • Sunday School Training – Equip provides extensive training for Sunday School teachers. Each module takes 2 hours, but a church may decide to run more than one module on a given day.
    The foundational module is called Gospel-Centred Sunday School. This module must be taken first.
    Other available modules include:
    • Answering Questions Children Ask
    • Classroom Management and Discipline
    • Expectations of Leaders
    • Giving a Kid's Talk
    • Teaching Memory Verses
    • Prayer
    • Preparing Children to Be Evangelists
    • Singing in Kids' Church
    • Teaching the Bible to Children
    • Using the Gospel Project
    • The Place of Children in the Church
    • Using Storytelling and Drama To Teach
    • Working with Different Age Groups
    • Writing a Lesson Plan
    • Apologetics for Children
    • And other topics by request.

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      How Do I Host A Course?

      If you wish to host a course, please fill out this form, and specify which course you would like to host. Please note before you can host a course, a minimum of 15 people must be committed to attend.

      Once a church is committed to hosting a course, we usually open the course up to people from other churches who may be interested in attending.


      How Much Does It Cost to Host A Course

      Course costs vary based on the length of the course and cost of materials. Generally, participants are charged for the cost of materials, and the host church offers a love gift to Equip for the time of the teacher.


      What Courses Are Coming Up?

      Please click here to register for our upcoming ministry skills courses.