Learning Outcomes

  1. To assist candidates acquire an overall acquaintance Bible. with the text of the Old Testament, as one of the two primary documents of biblical studies and Christian Content ministry;
  2. To give candidates an overall historical framework East from 1800 to the present, including the major within which to interpret the text;
  3. To provide candidates with an understanding of major theological themes of the Old Testament;
  4. To consider the implications of the Old Testament for practice, dating and interpretive method. Christian life and thought. 



Section A: The Pentateuch/Torah

1. Genesis 1-11
2. Genesis 12-50
3. Exodus
4. Leviticus/Numbers 5. Deuteronomy

Section B: Historical books/ Former Prophets

6. Joshua and Judges
7. 1 and 2 Samuel
8. 1 and 2 Kings 

Course begins: 26 Feb 2018
Course ends: 15 June 2018
Registration deadline: 19 Feb 2018
Exam: TBC