Learning Outcomes

(a) To introduce the candidate to the Bible’s teaching on young people;

(b) To introduce the candidate to a theology of ministry with young people and to some models of ministry with them;

(c) To outline major aspects of youth culture in Australia;

(d) To provide an opportunity for the candidate to undertake supervised practical work. 



Section A:
Biblical, theological, historical and strategic foundations for youth ministry with an introduction to youth in society

1 The Bible’s teaching on youth and young people. 

2 Developing a theology of youth ministry. Biblical authority in a postmodern world. Relational theology. Incarnation and reconciliation.

3 Historical overview of Christian youth ministry in Australia, especially since World War 2.

4 An examination and development of strategic models of youth ministry; motivation; goals; content; methodologies.


Section B:
Youth Today

5  A survey of the place and understanding of youth in western society.

6  Major aspects of youth cultures in Australia, in the light of secularisation. The changing nature of youth subcultures.

7  The beliefs and values of significant youth subcultures, including varieties of household types, ethnicity, rural or urban contexts; students, workers and the unemployed. The contexts where young people gather. 


Section C:
Ministry with Youth

8 Personal reflection by candidates of their spiritual formation or faith journey.

9 A survey of the nature, shape, and forms of the ministry of a selected church youth minister. 


Dates: 18 Feb 2019 - 15 June 2019 

Note: This course is for Diploma/Degree students only. Please note that you are NOT eligible to take any of these courses without submitting the Diploma/Degree application to us. Kindly make an enquiry before you register any courses.