Learning Outcomes

After completing this unit the student should be able to:

(a) Be better grounded in the theological and pastoral issues regarding young adult ministry

(b) Appreciate the function of young adults in church and society.

(c) Critically evaluate young adult ministry models and strategy.

(d) Understand the values and beliefs of young adults. (e) Understand the biblical imperative for leadership and discipleship of young adults.

(f) Combine knowledge and practice in order to criticalreflect on young adults place in church and society. 



Section A:

Biblical, theological, historical and strategic foundations for young adults ministry in the church with an introduction to young adults in society

1  The Bible’s teaching on young adults. The place of young adults in church and family.

2  The significance of singleness and marriage in the community of God.

3  Historical overview of Christian young adults ministry in Australia. The Changing face and role of this ministry.

4  An examination and development of strategic models of ministering to young adults; motivation, goals, content, methodologist. 


Section B:

Young Adults in Society

5  A survey of the place and understanding of young adults in western society.

6  The nature of young adult cultures in Australia. Lengthening of adolescence, identity formation, young adult subcultures, and the social demographic profile of young adults

7  The beliefs and values of young adults in significant cultures and subcultures, including varieties of household types, ethnicity, rural or urban contexts; students, workers and the unemployed. Comparison of beliefs and values between secular and Christian young adults. 


Section C:

Ministry with Youth

8  Major issues for young adults and key areas for effective ministry; career demands, education, finance, singleness, sex, cohabitation, and marriage, societal pressures, mental health, barriers to church, evangelism, market place ministry, church.

9  Discipling young adult Christians. Transitions from youth to young adults; emerging adulthood. Developing a Christian worldview; critiquing culture. Enabling young adults to find a place in the church family; mentoring, leadership and other roles.

10  A survey of the nature, shape, and forms of a selected young adult ministry.


Dates: 18 Feb 2019 - 15 June 2019 

Note: This course is for Diploma/Degree students only. Please note that you are NOT eligible to take any of these courses without submitting the Diploma/Degree application to us. Kindly make an enquiry before you register any courses.