Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, students will: 

A. Know and understand:

1. The bases of the knowledge of God
2. The doctrine of God
3. The doctrines of the creation and fall
4. The person of Christ
5. The work of Christ

B. Be able to:

1. Use the Bible theologically
2. Outline how God is known by humans
3. Describe the main aspects of:

  • The doctrine of God
  • The doctrines of the creation and fall
  • The person of Christ
  • The work of Christ


4. Present evidence-based perspectives on aspects of the doctrine of God and the person and work of Christ

C. Be in a position to:

1. Relate the doctrines of God and the Person and Work of Christ to their other theological studies
2. Use the doctrines of God and the Person and Work of Christ for personal understanding and in ministry contexts 



Candidates need to study each topic in the light of major contemporary theological approaches, but not in precise detail, since this is a survey unit. Candidates will not be required to answer detailed questions on particular sub- sections of any topic in the written examination. 

  • Our knowledge of God: the nature and sources of theology; general and special revelation; inspiration. 
  • The doctrine of God: divine being, names and attributes; the doctrine of the Trinity, its development from the New Testament period; trinitarian religion, 
  • The doctrines of creation and fall: alternative world- views; human nature; the image of God; theories of personal and social sin; providence; evil and suffering.
  • The person of Christ: major titles; Christ’s deity and true humanity; major developments to Chalcedon and beyond.
  • The work of Christ: New Testament metaphors; the three-fold office; theories of atonement; resurrection and ascension. 


Dates: 18 Feb 2019 - 15 June 2019 

Note: This course is for Diploma/Degree students only. Please note that you are NOT eligible to take any of these courses without submitting the Diploma/Degree application to us. Kindly make an enquiry before you register any courses.