Rev. Tim Nicholls - Ministry Director

Originally from Australia, I came to know Christ as a child, before maturing in my faith during my university years. Since graduating from Moore Theological College, I have been living in Malaysia and serving as the Ministry Director of Equip. I love teaching God's word, and showing people how Christ stands at the centre of all God's plans and purposes.

In my role as Ministry Director, I oversee both the teaching and logistical running of Equip in partnership with the Board of Directors. I'd be delighted to speak to you about the possibility of running Equip courses in your church.


Lydia Wong - Administrative Officer

Lydia was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and grew up in a Christian family. Though she grew up in church, she didn’t personally come to know Christ until much later in her teenage years. By God’s abundant mercy and grace, she managed to learn and re-learn the Gospel throughout her life. The most life-changing part was to learn the importance of reading, learning, and dwelling in the Word of God. The Word of God gives her life as it points her to believe in Christ as her Saviour Lord, who stands at the centre of all God's plans and purposes.

She studied and graduated from LimKokWing University Cyberjaya with a Bachelor Degree in Professional Design and used to work as a Graphic Designer before joining Equip. Her role now in Equip is to assist with various administrative tasks for the ministry director, courses, events, and resources. She also helps with the marketing and design works of Equip. She looks forward to building relationships with all God's people that she meets through Equip.


Staphanie Mun - Certificate Courses

Staphanie came to know Christ at the age of 6, thanks to the boldness of her ballet teacher who sent all the children to Sunday School after ballet class every week. Though she heard stories about Jesus Christ back then, it was only during her tertiary education years that she really experienced the grace of God and accepted Christ as her Lord as Saviour. Life was never the same since, living a grace-filled life. 

Staphanie graduated from University of Strathcylde, with a Master of Pharmacy. She is married to an entrepreneur and they have three beautiful young children. She co-leads a mummies ministry in her church, with a desire to love, support, and pour God's Word into other women who are striving to be God-fearing women, loving wives and moms, and passionate followers of Christ. Things that Staphanie loves more than anything else include diving into the Word of God, her family and hobbies such as homeschooling, classical music, and mindful healthy living.

Staphanie's role is to assist the Administrative Officer with Equip's Certificate courses. She is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Equip team, with its mission to increase biblical literacy and equipping Christians in every field that God has placed them.


Abigail Angus – Bookkeeper

I was born in Petaling Jaya and grew up in a Christian family. I grew up going to church and learning all the bible stories in Sunday School. I came to know Christ as my Saviour through the constant teaching and reminders from my mother who always pointed me to the Cross. But it was not until my early twenties when I really understood how to read and understand the bible as a whole big picture. Through this, I have come to be even more thankful for His mercy and love for me. 

My role as the bookkeeper is to oversee all finance related matters to Equip. I have been in various finance roles over the course of my professional career which has enabled me to take on this extended role. Additionally I am blessed to have a role currently that allows me the flexibility of serving in Equip.


Aaron Liu - Information Technology

Aaron was born in Brunei and grew up in Sarawak as a pastor's kid. The gospel was nothing more than a repetitive story to him until that gospel was again heard through a 'Two Ways to Live' gospel presentation at a university orientation in Australia. The gospel can never be underestimated and God's pursuing grace avoided. For this reason, he is extremely thankful to be part of Equip in equipping Malaysian Christians with the transformative true gospel of Jesus.

He oversees the IT operations of Equip. He has a Computer Science bachelor degree from the University of Wollongong and a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. While helping Equip, he is a software consultant and developer helping businesses automate their workflow. He also attends and is one of the Youth ministry leaders at International Church @ Mont Kiara.