The course as a whole concentrates on the foundations of the Bible, Doctrine and Church History. Our primary aim is to equip people for ministry by exploring the great story of God’s faithfulness written for us in the Bible and grasping its meaning for all of life. In our experience, this course can help make an impact on your Church that will continue to shape its ministry and witness well into the future.


Study 1 An Introduction to Ethics
Study 2 Using the Bible in Ethics
Study 3 Doing Normative Christian Ethics
Study 4 The Unity of Christian Ethics – The Mutual Love Ethic
Study 5 The Unity of Christian Ethics – Five Things that Matter
Study 6 Ethical Passages – The Sermon on the Plain (Lk 6:17-49)
Study 7 Ethical Issues – Relationships and Sexuality
Study 8 Ethical Issues – Relationships and Society
Study 9 Ethical Issues – Ethics at the Extremes of Life
Study 10 Ethical Issues – Making Disciples of all Nations

* Prerequisite: Please complete the foundational Bible Overview course before registering for this one.