Equip, in partnership with the Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS), provides opportunities for students to study modules on the Bible, theology and church history through our various degree programs. We aim to serve you in your formal theological education so that you can serve others in your local church and para-church organization.

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Below are the degrees that we are currently offering:

Bachelor Degrees


Bachelor of Divinity (120 Credits)

The Bachelor of Divinity involves the study of Christian scriptures, historical development, doctrines, and practices. They offer a rigorous formation for students preparing for full-time ministry.


Bachelor of Ministry (90 Credits)

This degree provides the theological framework and spiritual formation you will need in order to equip you in you for future service in your local church or para-church organization. 


Bachelor of Theology (120 Credits)

This degree aims to deepen the understanding of the Christian faith. This course is interdisciplinary and rigorous, combining biblical languages, biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and Christian ethics.



Master Degrees


Master of Divinity (90 Credits)

The Master of Divinity is intended to prepare students for professional work in Christian ministry within local churches as well as para-church organizations. This degree provides an in-depth knowledge of biblical leadership principles and methods, and an in-depth study of Scripture, Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies and Christian Theology.


Master of Christian Studies (60 Credits)

The Master of Christian Studies teaches students to develop and articulate the knowledge of God is in two main fields: Bible & Languages and Christian Thought & History. It will also provide an approach to synthesizing this understanding by enabling people to develop practical ministry skills.