Rev. Dr. Michael P Jensen
BA (Hons), BD (Hons), MTh, MSt, D.Phil

I. Biography

The Rev. Dr Michael P Jensen has taught theology in the UK, Malaysia, and Australia, and is the author of Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial (2010) among other works. He is currently the Rector of St Mark's Darling Point Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia and was formally a professor of theology at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He is working on books on Anglican theology and theological anthropology. 


II. Subjects

  • Doctrine
  • Apologetics
  • Church History
  • Ethics


III. Educational Qualifications

2009                        Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford

2006                        Master of Studies, University of Oxford

2006                        Master of Theology, With Merit (Moore College)

1999                        Diploma of Ministry (Moore College)

1999                        Bachelor of Divinity, Honours 1 (Moore College)

1992                        Bachelor of Arts, Honours 1 (University of Sydney)

2001                        Priested at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney

2000                        Deaconed at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney


IV. Ministry Experience

2013 –                    Rector, St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point
2003-13                  Lecturer in Theology, Moore Theological College
2006-8                    Part-time Tutor, Wycliffe Hall
2000-4                    Church Planter/ Pastor, FIX Church, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney

  1. Chaplain, St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

1993-5                   English Master, Sydney Grammar School


V. Current Research

The Human Story  – a study of theological anthropology through the lens of literary genres

The Doctrine of Creation – an introductory text for theological students

Reformation Anglican worship and doctrine


VI. Publications

A. Books

Is Forgiveness Really Free? Good Book Company: London, 2013

Pieces of Eternity Acorn Press: Melbourne, 2013

My God, My God: Is Believing Still Possible? Century Eugene, Oregon: Cascade (forthcoming)

Reformation Anglican Worship Grand Rapids: Baker (forthcoming)

(as editor) The Church and the Trinity: Essays in Honour of Robert C Doyle Sydney: Aquila Press (forthcoming)

How to Write a Theology Essay Latimer: Nottingham, 2012

Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2012,

(as editor) True Feelings: Perspectives on the Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry Nottingham: Apollos, 2012

Martyrdom and Identity Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2010

(with Bp Tom Frame) Defining Convictions and Decisive Commitments: The Thirty-Nine Articles in Contemporary Anglicanism Canberra: Barton Books, 2010

You: An Introduction Kingsford: Matthias Media, 2008


B. Journal Articles & book Chapters

"'Humble and Hearty Thanks’: Some Reflections on the Book of Common Prayer and the Lost Art of Thanksgiving” in St Mark’s Review (forthcoming)

“Theology and the Future of Humanity” in T. Cairney (ed),Theology and the Future (forthcoming)

 “Alfred Tennyson and Helen Garner in an Age of Doubt” in Quadrant, Vol LVI Number 5, May 2012

“On Being Moved: A Theological Anthropology of the Emotions” in M.P. Jensen, ed., True Feelings, Nottingham: Apollos, 2012, p. 165-184

 “The KJV turns 400, but who cares?” in G. Clarke, ed., The King James at 400, Sydney: Bible Society Australia, 2012

“The Creature who Learns” in T. Cairney et al, New Perspectives on Anglican Education, Anglican Education Commission, 2011, p. 41-58

“Theology and the Future of Humanity: Smith’s White Teeth and Paul’s Galatians” in CASE, 28, 2011

“Is Ned Flanders a Violent Man?” in Quadrant, Vol LV, no. 3, March 2011

“ ‘In my judgement’: Christian ethics in 1 Corinthians”, in B.Rosner, ed., The Wisdom of the Cross: Exploring 1 Corinthians, Nottingham: Apollos, 2011, p. 182-201

“Imitating Paul, Imitating Christ: How does imitation work as a moral concept?” in Churchman 124/1, 2010, 17-37

“Figuring Calvin: Calvin's hermeneutics (almost) five centuries on” in M.D. Thompson, ed., Engaging With Calvin, Nottingham: Apollos,2010

(With G. Clarke and A. Cameron) "Towards a Christian Understanding of the Concept of Human 'Community', with Special Reference to the Praxis of a Non-Government Human Services Delivery Organisation." Evangelical Review of Society and Politics 3, no. 2, 2009, p.22-41.

“In Spirit and In Truth - Can Charles Taylor help the Woman at the Well find her authentic self?” in Studies in Christian Ethics 21/3, 2008, 325-341

Krisis? Kritik? – Judgement and Jesus in the Theology of Rowan Williams” in M. Russell, ed, On Rowan Williams Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2008

“The Christian Revolution: Liberty” in Churchman 122/2, 2008, 147-158

“The Christian Revolution: Equality” in Churchman 122/3, 2008, 243-250

“The Christian Revolution: Fraternity” in Churchman 122/4, 2008, 331-342

“Mission Recalibrated – Chris Wright’s The Mission of God’ in Anvil 24/4, 2007, 279-288

“The Genesis of Hell: Eternal Torment in the Consciousness of Early Christianity” in Reformed Theological Review 65/3 December 2006 132-148

“Left Behind? Christian Eschatology and Society in the Age of Terror” in Reformed Theological Review 63/3 December 2004

“Is There Anything in What We Say? A Trinitarian Response to the Challenge of Postmodernism” in Reformed Theological Review 60/1 April 2001, 18-30

“The Gospel of Creation” in Reformed Theological Review 59/3 Dec 2000, 130-140.

“Sublime Depravity: Human Nature and the Arts” in Kategoria 14 Winter 1999, 25-40

“May Our Literature Save Us” in Kategoria 9 Autumn 1998, 9-34

“Simply Reading the Geneva Bible” in Literature and Theology 9/1 March 1995, 30-45


C. Other Writing (select list)

Monthly column in Eternity magazine (published by the Bible Society, Aust. circulation 100,000) 2010-

 “Christ Abolished Death: John Stott (1921-2011)” at

“For and Against Fundamentalism” at

“Martyrdom as an Affirmation of Life” at

“Ethics Classes can lead Children to Faith”, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/10/2010

“1989 – A decisive no to evil”, Sydney Morning Herald, 9/11/2009

“The forgotten John Calvin” The Australian, 25/6/2009

“Thanks Mr Hitchens”, Sydney Morning Herald, 5/10/2009

“In Defence of Doctrine”, The Briefing, 2009

 “Take care: Words at work” The Briefing, 2007

“The Very Practical Doctrine of the Trinity” The Briefing, 2000

Regular contributor to (Sydney Diocese Website) 2008-

Numerous articles in diocesan newspaper, Southern Cross, 2000-


D. Reviews (select list)

“Review of P.Middleton, Martyrdom: A Guide for the Perplexed”, in Journal of Religious History (forthcoming)

“Review of Michael L. Budde and Karen Scott, eds., Witness of the Body – The Past, Present, and Future of Christian Martyrdom, in Journal of Church and State (forthcoming)

“Review of S. Hendrix, ed, Early Protestant Spirituality”  in St Mark's Review, no 213 Aug 2010, p. 85-87

“Review of R.Williams, Wrestling with angels: conversations in modern theology” in Churchman, 123 no 3 Aug 2009, p. 277-279

“Review of J. Ratzinger, Values in a time of upheaval” in Anvil, 25 no 3 2008, p. 229-230

“Review of B. Brock, Singing the ethos of God: on the place of Christian ethics in Scripture” in Anvil, 25 no 1 2008, p. 68-69

Review of E.Castelli, Martyrdom and Memory” in Studies of Christian Ethics 20.1 (2007) p. 125-6

“Review of D. Deme, The Christology of Anselm of Canterbury” in Reformed Theological Review, 66 no 1 Ap 2007, p. 58-59

“Review of K. Vanhoozer, The drama of doctrine: a canonical-linguistic approach to Christian theology” in Anvil, 24 no 3 2007, p. 227-228

“Review of M.D. Thompson, A clear and present word: the clarity of scripture”  in Anvil, 24 no 4 2007, p. 309


E. Public Lectures and Speaking Engagements (Select list)​​​​​​​

Speaker, Leaders in Training Youth Conference, Youthworks, 2012

New College Lecture, Univ. of NSW, 2011: White Teeth and the New Humanity

The Ken Cable Lecture, Univ. of Sydney, 2011: Gratitude and the BCP

Guest Lecturer, Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture, Republic of Macedonia, 2011

Guest Lecturer of the Faculty of Politics, University of SS Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia, 2011

Wollongong Region Clergy Conference, 2011

Speaker, Barnabas Conference for School Chaplains 2011

Speaker, Adelaide City Bible Forum evangelistic event, 2011

Speaker, Northern Tasmania Bible Forum, Latrobe, 2010

Guest Lecturer and Speaker, University of Tasmania Christian Union, 2010

Broadcast Talks for Radio 2CH, 2010-

“On Being Human” – Seminar given at Abbotsleigh School, Nowra Anglican College, Rouse Hill, Thomas Hassall College, Broughton Anglican College, Inaburra Baptist School, Macarthur Anglican School, 2009-11