Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students should be able to:

(a)  To assist candidates acquire an overall acquaintance with the text of the Old Testament, as one of the two primary documents of biblical studies and Christian ministry;

(b)  To give candidates an overall historical framework within which to interpret the text;

(c)  To provide candidates with an understanding of major theological themes of the Old Testament;

(d)  To consider the implications of the Old Testament for Christian life and thought. 


Section A: Prophetic Books/Latter Prophets

1. The Book of Isaiah
2. The Book of Jeremiah
3. The Book of Ezekiel
4. The Book of Daniel5. The Twelve (at least two in detail)

Section B: The Writings

6. Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah 
7. The Book of Psalms
8. Wisdom Literature 


Dates: 23 July to 9 November 2018
Registration closing date: 14th July 2018


Note: This course is for Diploma/Degree students only. Please note that you are NOT eligible to take any of these courses without submitting the Diploma/Degree application to us. Kindly make an enquiry before you register any courses.