Rev. Dr. Flavien Pardigon

I. Biography

The Rev. Dr Flavien Pardigon was born and raised in southern France. He received his L.Th. and M.Th. from the Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée in Aix-en-Provence and his Ph.D. in historical and theological studies from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America, Flavien’s ministry is to train and disciple church leaders in the emerging world. He currently works as a Tutor in Biblical Studies with the John Owen Centre. He is married with five children.


II. Subjects

  • Systematic Theology
  • Biblical Theology
  • Exegesis (NT, OT)
  • Presuppositional Apologetics


III. Educational Qualifications

            2008                        PhD in Theological and Historical Studies, Westminster Theological Seminary,                                             (Philadelphia, PA).

1997                        MTh in Systematic Theology, Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée
                                (Aix-en- Provence, France).

1993                        LTh Pastoral, Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée (Aix-en-Provence, France).

1990                       Baccalauréat C (theoretical science), mention Assez Bien.

           1989                        Baccalauréat D (experimental science), mention Assez Bien.


IV. Ministry Experience

A. Church ministry

2004-                   Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America
                            (member of Philadephia Metro West Presbytery).

2002-2003           Ruling Elder, Calvary PCA, Willow Grove, PA.

2000-2002           Pastoral intern, Calvary PCA (Willow Grove, PA), with a focus on Christian education.

1994-1995           Assistant Chaplain in the Marine Nationale (Toulon, France).

1993-1994           Assistant Pastor with focus on the weekly worship service (leading and preaching)                
                            and youth ministry at Eglise Réformée Evangélique Indépendante (Berre l’Etang, France).

1989-1991,         Youth group leader at various Eglises Réformées Evangéliques Indépendantes

1993-1994,         (Southern France).

B. Theological education

2016-                   Tutor in Biblical Studies, John Owen Centre (London Seminary), London, UK.

2015-                   Guest Lecturer in Apologetics, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington DC, USA.

2015-2016           MTh supervisor in Apologetics/Missiology, Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence, France.

2014-                   Lecturer in New Testament Greek exegesis, Equip (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

2012-2013           Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology, Faculté Jean Calvin (Aix-en-Provence, France).

2012                     Guest Lecturer in Systematic Theology, International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (Jakarta, Indonesia).

2011, 2012          Public lectures in Biblical Theology, Messiah’s Cathedral (GRII; Jakarta, Indonesia).

2011, 2013          Guest Lecturer, ministerial training program of the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (Gadzipur, Bangladesh).

2009-2010           Lecturer in Systematic and Biblical Theology, Institut de Théologie Evangélique du Sénégal (Dakar, Senegal).

2009                    Guest Lecturer in Biblical Studies, North African LTh program (Tunis, Tunisia).

2008-                   Professor at large, Institut de Théologie de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (Djilass, Senegal).

2008                    Guest Lecturer in Systematics at Elias Riggs Training Center (Sofia, Bulgaria).

2001                     Guest Lecturer in Apologetics, Institut Farel (Montréal, Quebec).

2000-2004           Teaching Assistant in Apologetics, Systematic Theology and Ethics,
                            Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA).

1995-1996           Teaching Assistant in Systematic Theology, Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée
                            (Aix-en-Provence, France).


V. Publications

Paul Against the Idols: The Areopagus Speech as Anti-Idol Polemic (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, forthcoming).

Review of John Piper, A Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness (Wheaton: Crossway, 2016), Themelios 41.3 (Dec. 2016), pp. 553-55.

Review of Christopher M. Hays and Christopher B. Ansberry, eds., Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism (London: SPCK; Grand Rapids: Baker, 2013), Themelios 39.3 (Nov. 2014), pp. 583-85.

“Areopagus Speech” and “Theology of Religions,” Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, edited by George T. Kurian (Blackwell, 2012).

“Cornelius Van Til,” Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, edited by George T. Kurian (Rowman, 2010).

French translation of Calvin K. Cummings, The Covenant of Grace: A Key to Understanding the Bible (GCP, 1989): L’alliance de grâce (ITAO, 2009).

The post-mortem edition of Dr. McKendree Langley, “Revolution and Reformation,” Reformatsiata: Istoria i Sbremenni Izmerenia (Sofia: Nov Bulgarski Universitet, 2007).

A revised and augmented English translation of Calvin’s ‟Christ la fin de la loi” in collaboration with Dr. David B. Garner: “Christ the End of the Law,” The Practical Calvinist: An introduction to the Presbyterian and Reformed Heritage, edited by Peter Lillback (Mentor, 2002).

Review of Dominique Tassot, La Bible au risque de la science: de Galilée au Père Lagrange (Paris: François-Xavier de Guibert, 1997), La Revue Réformée 201-1998/5.


VI. Professional Memberships

2015-                       Tyndale Fellowship

2013-                       Professional Association of Diving Instructors

2008-                       Evangelical Theological Society

2008-                       Society of Biblical Literature

2006-                       Association Francophone Européenne de Théologiens Évangéliques