The Equip-MBS Bachelor of Divinity involves the study of Christian scriptures, historical development, doctrines and practices. They offer a rigorous formation for students preparing for full-time ministry. These courses will help students develop a broad range of core skills which includes biblical languages, biblical studies, church history and applied theology.



Training for Ordination

Our diploma and degree courses prepares you for ordination in your denomination. Our flexible course pathway allows you to continue to remain in ministry at your local church while you grow in your theological capabilities. Our degree courses also requires a short internship with a church or para-church organization to help further strengthening your experience and applying your theological knowledge to work. These courses are aimed in preparing you for life-long ministry, so you will be solidly grounded in God’s Word in which ever context God will put you in. We aim to help you serve while you train theologically.


Course Structure

To fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Divinity you need to complete 120 credit points which is the equivalent of four-year full time study. However, the course can be taken part-time.

The 120 credit points may be taken from three subject pools:



Points per subject

Certificate Pool

100 level subjects that may be taken as classes or self-study.

1 point

Degree Pool

200 level subjects that may be taken through Intensive classes.

3 points

General Pool

MBS Subjects or recognized subjects through other institutions.

1 - 3 points

To be awarded the Bachelor of Theology, a student must fulfil all the requirements of the Masters of Christian Studies (except the requirement of a previous undergraduate degree), as well as an additional 60 credit points as follows. Unless otherwise noted, any combination of subjects can make up the credit points in each section as found below.


Credit Points

Biblical Studies

6 points

Biblical Theology 4 or OT/NT Theology

3 points

Any of NT201-229 or OT204-227 not previously counted

Any other Biblical Studies subjects in DP or GP not previously counted

3 points each

3 points each

Theology, Church History and Society

3-12 points

Issues in Theology

3 points

Reformation Church History (DP Course CH206)

3 points

Malaysian Religion IIA

Any other Theology or Church History subject in DP or GPS

3 points

3 points each

Applied Theology

6-12 points

Guided Spiritual Formation (Spiritual Direction) (DP PC249A)

3 points

Selection of DP Subjects in the Area (EM, PC, DM).

3 points each

Selection of general pool subjects in the area (Counselling, Preaching, MBS, STM). See Appendix 3

1-3 points each


0 points


9- 12 points

DP Greek LA004A or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP Greek LA004B or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP Intermediate Greek LA010 or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP Hebrew LA003A or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP Hebrew LA003B or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP Intermediate Hebrew LA011 or MBS equivalent

3 units

DP OT209 Hebrew Exegesis or MBS Equivalent

3 units

Any other subjects not previously counted from DP and General Pool

0-30 points


3-9 points

(MBS to determine length point ratio)

* Internship refers to either a 6-week full-time or 8-month part time (weekends only) placement in a church approved by Equip and MBS, where they are trained and involved in ministry. Internships are compulsory, but do not attract any credit.

Any subjects completed under other awards may be counted towards this award provided they meet the above criteria.

To receive the Bachelor of Divinity, it is also required to complete the same course requirement of the Master of Christian Studies of 60 credit points as follow:


60 points


Division of points:



Certificate pool subjects

Must include Bible Overview, Biblical Theology 2 (Promise to Fulfilment).



Degree Pool Subjects

10 core subjects, 3 Exegesis Subjects, 2 Other subjects



General Pool Subjects





10 Core Degree Pool Subjects for M.C.S (with MBS assignments: 1 essay 30%, 1 other assessment 10%) 3 credit points each


The Church to 1550


The Church from 1550 to Modern Times


Doctrine of God and Christ


The Holy Spirit, Grace, Hope




Ecclesiology and the means of Grace


Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition


The Early New Testament Church


Old Testament Foundations


Old Testament Prophets and Writings

OT Exegesis Degree Pool Subjects for M.C.S. (with MBS assignments: 2 exegetical papers 10+10= 20%, 1 essay 20%)

OT 205

Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel

OT 206

Pre-exilic Prophets

OT 207

Exilic Prophets and Wisdom Literature

OT 208

Psalms, Post-Exilic Literature

NT Exegesis Degree Pool Subjects for M.C.S. (with MBS assignments: 2 exegetical papers 10+10= 20%, 1 essay 20%)

NT 205

Luke & John (not with NT210)

NT 206

Romans & 1 Corinthians (not with NT211)

NT 207

Selected letters of the Pauline Corpus and the Book of Revelation

NT 208

Hebrews and selected NT letters

NT 210

Luke & John (Greek Text)

NT 211

Romans & 1 Corinthians (Greek Text)



Apart from the above requirements it is a necessary to complete an internship with a duration of either 6 weeks full-time or 8 months part time (weekends only) in a church/ministry approved by MBS and Equip, where they are trained and involved in ministry. Internships are compulsory, but do not attract any credit.


Credit From Previous Studies

Any subjects completed under the Equip-MBS Certificate of Theology or Equip-MBS Diploma of Theology may be counted towards the Equip-MBS Masters of Christian Studies provided that the student obtained at least a Credit (Certificate Pool) or pass (degree or general pool) for their final mark.



Studying with




RM 500

RM 300


For Equip-MBS students only



MBS Student Union Fees

RM 50 per semester

Transfer of Credit Fees:

Certificate Pool

Degree Pool

General Pool


RM 15 per module

RM 110 per module

RM 110 per module



Before being accepted into their course, students will be required to complete a detailed registration form and attend an interview with Equip. They may be required to attend another interview with MBS if so desired by MBS.

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