About the Subjects

Degree pool courses are taught by intensives or regular classes, which usually consist of 40 hours teaching spread over 1-2 weeks (for intensive) or several months (for regular classes) depending on the preference of the lecturer and Equip.

Each unit requires approximately 106 hours of work to complete. This is approximately 6.5 hours per week spread out over the 16-week semester.


Semester Dates:

Two Semesters Per Year

  • Feb – June
  • August – November

Course Fees (Per Unit)

  • RM500


Subject Points 

Each of these subjects is worth 3 credit points.


Core Degree Pool Subject 

LA004A  New Testament Greek A

LA004B  New Testament Greek B

LA010  Intermediate Greek

LA001  Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

OT201  Old Testament Foundations

OT202  Old Testament Prophets and Writings

OT2__  OT Exegesis (English) - Options (OT205, OT206, OT207, OT208, OT227)

NT201  Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition

NT202  The Early New Testament Church

NT210  Luke / John (Greek Text)

NT211  Romans / 1 Corinthians (Greek Text)

NT2__  NT Exegesis (English) - Options (NT207, NT208, NT209, NT221)

BB203  Principles of Hermeneutics

TH210  Doctrine of God and Christ

TH211  The Holy Spirit, Grace, Hope

TH212  Christology

TH213  Ecclesiology and the means of Grace

CH201  The Church to 1550

CH206  The Church from 1550 to Modern Times

CH202  The Reformation

PC215  Christian Worship

EM201  Missions Perspectives

PC219  Ethics for Ministry


For a list of Degree Pool Electives, click here.



Before being accepted into their course, students will be required to complete a detailed registration form and attend an interview with Equip. They may be required to attend another interview with MBS if so desired by MBS.