For each course, a certain number of General pool subjects may be counted towards a diploma or degree. General Pool subjects must be endorsed by both Equip Gospel Ministries and MBS. 

General pool subjects offered by other organisations are administered by the organisation which offers them, and any necessary registration fees are paid to the organisation offering the course. In order to count the course towards an Equip-MBS Diploma or Degree, the student must submit the appropriate form to Equip, and pay a transfer fee of RM30, which shall be forwarded to MBS. This includes students who have previously completed subjects and are being grandfathered into the program.


Subject Credit Points 

Each of these subjects is worth 3.0 credit points unless otherwise specified.

Recognized Subjects


Any subject offered by MBS including elective, thesis, and seminars


Any subject designed by Equip subject to approval by MBS of course content, lecturer and method of assessment.

Other Providers:

Christian Counselling Education Foundation (CCEF)

CCEF201 Dynamics of Biblical Change (3 points)

CCEF202 Helping Relationships (3 points)

CCEF203 Human Personality (3 points)

CCEF204 Counselling in the Local Church (2 points)

CCEF205 Biblical Interpretation (3 points)

CCEF206 Marriage Counselling (3 points)

CCEF207 Counselling and Physiology (2 points)

CCEF208 Theology and Secular Psychology (3 points)

CCEF209 Counselling Problems and Procedures (3 points)

CCEF210 Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counsellor (2 points)

CCEF211 Counselling Children and Adolescents (3 points)

CCEF212 Counselling Observation (2 points)


Other Preacher Training Providers

Langham Preaching (points by negotiation)

Centre For Expository Preaching - CEP (points by negotiation)



Any subject offered through the TEE program (points by negotiation)



Malaysian Religions (by negotiation) 



By negotiation 


Transfer of Credit Form