The Timothy Partnership Online Diploma of Theology provides a strong foundation in theological knowledge and reflection. Students delve deeply into the bible, systematic theology and the history of the church. A diploma of theology is a great foundation for those looking to go into employment in ministry. The diploma courses are completed in an online, collaborative environment and are fully accredited by the Australian College of Theology.

About Timothy Partnership

The Timothy Partnership is a partnership between Anglican Youthworks College and Presbyterian Youth, two experienced and trusted learning providers who are dedicated to equipping people to follow Jesus and serve God in their church, community or overseas. The Timothy Partnership offers online, distance education accredited by the Australian College of Theology. Their aim is to make learning available to anyone, anywhere. Their dream is to see every Christian everywhere in some form of ministry, confident and equipped in bringing others closer to Jesus.

Training for Ordination

Our diploma and degree courses prepares you for ordination in your denomination. Our flexible course pathway allows you to continue to remain in ministry at your local church while you grow in your theological capabilities. Our degree courses also requires a short internship with a church or para-church organization to help further strengthening your experience and applying your theological knowledge to work. These courses are aimed in preparing you for life-long ministry, so you will be solidly grounded in God’s Word in which ever context God will put you in. We aim to help you serve while you train theologically.

Course Delivery

  • Online: Online: Online study gives the flexibility to cope with your commitments. You will have access to a high-quality online learning environment which includes videos, audio, lecture notes, readings, discussion forums, quizzes and more. For more information, please click here.

Course Structure

About the Course The Diploma in Theology requires a total of 48 credit points for completion; with flexibility around how many subjects are studied each semester. At minimum, a diploma can be completed in 1.5 years, which requires a full-time load of 4 subjects per semester. Students must complete at least 1 unit per year to remain enrolled in the course. The course consists of a total of 12 units studied at 200 level as follows:

Two Units of Old Testament Overview

• OT201 Beginnings to Exile

• OT202 Old Testament Prophets and Writings

Two Units of New Testament Overview

• NT201 Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition

• NT202 Pentecost to Patmos

Two units of Biblical Exegesis:

• OT205 Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel

• NT207 The Book of Revelation

Two units of Systematic Theology:

• TH210 The Doctrine of God and the Person and Work of Christ

• TH211 The Holy Spirit, Grace and Hope

Two units of Church History:

• CH201 The Church to 1550

• CH202 The Church from 1550 to Modern Times

Plus two units of Electives


Semester Dates

The course is taught over two semesters each year, each consisting of 16 weeks:

• Semester 1: February-June

• Semester 2: August-November



Each unit requires approximately 106 hours of work to complete. This is approximately 6.5 hours per week spread out over the 16-week semester. Materials available include a study guide, audio recordings, core readings, and ancillary readings. These are sufficient, with work, to achieve a distinction. A high distinction requires engagement with additional reading and a high standard of work in any assignments and exams.


Unit Assessment

Exact assessment differs from subject to subject, but most subjects will consist of three components of assessment

• Forums Students are required to contribute to and respond to online discussion groups.

• Assignments – These often are done in two parts. A first section which then receives feedback that is in then applied and incorporated into the final submission.

o 5% of the assignment usually requires some sort of applied pastoral application.

• Exam The total assessment for each subject should not exceed 4000 words


Receiving Your Award

You have the option of receiving your Diploma award from either Christ College, Sydney (Presbyterian) or Youth works College Sydney (Anglican). You must specify which College you wish to be associated with before you graduate.


Cost Per Subject

The Timothy Partnership is offering substantial scholarships to Equip students which mean that we can charge only RM500/unit instead of the cost price of RM4500/unit.

Studying with


Timothy Partnership


RM 500



Before being accepted into this course, students will be required to complete a detailed registration form and attend an interview with Equip. 


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