It is our joy when our students discover God's Word and grow in their love for Christ while they serve in their local churches. Here are some of their testimonies.


"Our God works in ways we do not see and understand. Likewise it was for me how the Lord put a desire in me to discover Him in a deeper way and stretching beyond my walk with Him. In the past, I have read the bible cover to cover twice and the new testament 5 times over the period of 10 years. And yet it cannot compared to what I have learnt the last 8 terms (less than 2 years) in Tuesday Night Training classes organised by Equip. The methodology employed and the lecturers input are just delightfully insightful that cannot be obtained from my self-study efforts over the last 10 years. Ever since then, my walk with God has tremendously improved with greater resonance with His beautiful mind and His ever-wonderful heart, that makes me want to discover His marvellous treasures and experience His power at work of transformation in my life that none other can. The bible is the gateway to experience God and we must open it, read it, study it, embrace it, walk it and live His word faithfully. Thank you Equip. And to my fellow friends, you are at the doorstep to learn so much more from God as you are reading through these web pages here. Don't wait, Sign-Up!"



"I have heard so much about Equip's Bible Overview that I took the course in 2017. Having served in the Equipping ministry teaching and facilitating Bible Study classes for almost 10 years in one of Klang Valley's megachurches, this course is absolutely fundamental and mandatory for every believer. If I may say, it’s the cornerstone.

For one, it forces us read the entire Bible in context of ONE story under ONE overarching theme. It stops us from flippantly taking verses, chapters and books of the Bible out of context (lest we dabble with the Bible like fortune telling or numerology or whatever we make it to be). It guards us from blindly swallowing teachings from pastors, teachers and leaders. For e.g. I've seen a guest pastor take Jesus' final words on the cross to “prophesy victory” over the opposition party for GE12 in 2008! So, to put it simply, Bible Overview trains us to handle the Bible with integrity as we let Scripture interpret Scripture. Do it, and take the exam!"



"I am very grateful to Equip for providing me with this great opportunity. The courses have been immensely helpful in my spiritual growth as a Christian as well as in the areas of ministry I am involved with. Some of the courses such as Bible Overview have helped me to see how the different books of the Bible fit together and that there is one underlying story that runs through them all: God's plan for salvation of mankind culminating in Jesus' death and resurrection. Other courses have delved deeper into individual books or topics and helped me understand the word of God better. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any one who wants to have a deeper understanding of Scriptures and become an better witness to the message of gospel. To God be all the Glory."



"I came to the study with one expectation - grasp an overview of the master plan of the entire bible, the study however helped me to grasp the "Master" behind the bible. My favourite modules are Bible Overview, Promise To Fulfilment, Christian Worship.  

Studying from module to module I began to see God in such a new way, which I had never seen before- so comprehensively, completely, coherently. His holiness, His unchangeable character, His long suffering grace, His cry of faithfulness towards his unfaithful people-- everything jumped out from the Bible so clearly! 

As a result of this discovery, my serving became a respond to his great love, challenge and difficulties become an opportunity to discover His faithfulness and power, I see people's needs more and judge them less. Now by God's grace I always intentionally try to relate the Bible story with the original biblical setting, historical and theological setting- which always leads to greater understanding to God's word and greater passion to Lord Jesus! Equip study has helped me live and serve with greater passion, joy and confidence. Praise the Lord in carrying me through this 5 years journey!"


"At the age of fourteen, I found the Bible to be somewhat boring, complex and incomprehensible; yet felt a strong obligation to read it as a professed Christian. I signed up for Bible Overview, hoping that it would at least help me to make sense of what I was reading each night. The course delighted me, helping the fragments of information I had read fit together to unveil the 'big picture', and I grew hungry for more. Being in a high school that uses Jeremiah 29:11 and Philippians 4:13 as assurance of financial stability and academic success, I soon began to spot the massive flaws in the teachings of my school. I corrected teachers and students alike- not due to genuine concern about their faith, but due to a certain sense of superiority I had, knowing that my knowledge of the Bible exceeded that of my teachers. 

I believe pride then, rendered all my knowledge useless. Equip courses are a delight to study and an incredibly useful tool for unearthing the treasures of the Bible. It has helped me in so many ways to know God more and to love Him more, and to apply Biblical teachings in every area of my life. Yet our sinful nature is subtly dangerous, sometimes elevating our view of ourselves because we possess more theological knowledge rather than helping us see ourselves in comparison to the infinite beauty of God's glory.

I believe knowing and loving God for who he has revealed himself to be rather than who we want him to be is crucially important to every Christian, and Equip courses makes that so much easier. By all means use it to study God's Word, to help you delight in and obey the Bible; and let it point always to the sufficiency of Jesus and not ourselves."